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IKEA Classics – The world’s most popular furniture with a Swedish-sounding name

IKEA is one of the most popular stores in the world. Almost everyone knows the brand, and many people in their apartments had at least one piece of furniture from its collection. Probably for some, IKEA is still the store where most of their home equipment comes from. Practical, simple, functional furniture at an affordable price has gained popularity over the years in many countries, and some of its products have become iconic. Here are at least a few of the most popular.

Bookcases “Billy”

A series of shelves that have been in IKEA’s offer for over 40 years. Completely simple design, without decorations, fancies, matching many interiors, perfectly complemented many living rooms, offices, children’s rooms and other spaces. All this to have a place to put a book, a flower, a small ornament, a binder, a stereo or a family photo album.

Malm bed

Another classic is the bed from the “Malm” series. Like the “Billy” shelves, it is characterized by simplicity and functionality. It seems that it is the container under the bed mattress that convinces more customers to buy this model. In this arrangement, in addition to a comfortable bed on which we will sleep, we gain space to store bed linen, towels, additional quilts and other things that we never have anywhere to go.

“Kallax” racks

Probably known mainly for offices, open-plan spaces and company spaces. However, it has also found application in private spaces, home offices and salons. Another product that is characterized by simplicity. Perfectly square rack windows and the possibility of any configuration or expansion of the set convinced customers all over the world to buy Kallax. In addition, new accessories have further expanded the possibilities and practicality of this rack over time.

“Lack” tables

A typical “transition” table, which then stays with us for many years. Equipment for most student flats where the Lack table was used to furnish the living room, bedroom, office or dining room. But also in the next stages of life, a cheap, simple table that does not take up much space was often needed. Thanks to this, the table has become already a cult – almost like hot dogs and Swedish meatballs at an IKEA restaurant.

“Ribba” Frames

The house is not only practical furniture, which is primarily functional. It is primarily a place where we are to feel good. This is why frames for photos, paintings and posters from the “Ribba” series have become so popular. Even when our home budget is not huge, we want the interior we live in to gain character and visually suit us. There is no easier way than to buy a few Ribba frames and hang them on the wall with our photos or selected decorations.