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How to fight disease and pests in the garden?

Plant pests are a nuisance all year round, but in summer, due to increased heat, diseases and pests require additional attention.

  • Check your plants daily for any insects, eggs or larvae.
  • Use organic pesticides and insecticides for pest control. Not only do they break the pest’s life cycle, they are safer for plants than harsher chemicals such as sulfur, alcohols, and inorganic poisons.
  • If you have a large garden try spraying it with soapy water every few days, using something like dish soap diluted at half strength to kill the aphids without hurting other creatures like earthworms which can be good for the soil.
  • You can also use a garlic oil spray made from fresh chopped garlic cloves mixed with cooking oil (e.g. olive oil) to scare away insects – especially mosquitoes!
  • Keep your flower beds tidy: remove weeds where they sprout, trim

We hope you found these tips helpful and that we’ve given you some new garden care ideas! There are certainly more things you can do. Remember that the more work you put into your garden, the more beautiful it will be, and the time spent in it will be even more enjoyable.