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House extension and enlargement – Tips and the most important information

Has your house become too small over the years? The family has grown, or maybe it was just built a long time ago and requires significant changes? It is also possible that you bought a plot with a house built, but it does not meet all your expectations?

There are many reasons for the expansion of a house. It is not an easy process, but it is often profitable. Increasing the living space can significantly increase the value of a building both financially and in practice.

Before you complete the formalities, check the condition of the house

The first step should be to check the condition of the foundations. You need to find out if they are not damaged, how deep they go, if they are properly insulated and what the current state of moisture looks like.
Foundations in old houses may often not meet current requirements and their strength may not be sufficient.

It is also worth checking the condition of the walls and structure of the house. You have to check the load-bearing walls, ceilings and the roof structure. Unfortunately, it may turn out that some of the walls will have to be dismantled. However, there are ways to strengthen an already existing structure without completely destroying parts of the house.

The next step is to check the plot itself. The area of ​​the house should comply with local land development regulations, and the appearance of the new section is sometimes subject to some control. You also need to check the ground, which must meet the full requirements – especially if you intend to add an additional floor.

Extension plan

It is much easier to expand a simple addition of a new room to your home, but sometimes the extension will also include changing the layout of the current rooms.

You have to think about the stairs when building the next level, heating, water supply, ventilation and other important functional elements.

It becomes even more interesting when we want to use the basement present in the house and make it more applicable. The condition of cellars often leaves much to be desired and the issue of moisture or heating is very difficult to solve.

New floor and roof

Here construction issues are very important. The floor must be prepared for the superstructure so that it can support the new walls and roof structure.

Additionally, sometimes, when adding a new room to the current floor, it will be necessary to change the roof structure. It’s not that we’re just going to make a new piece of roof over the new piece when the roof has a slope.

Is it worth extending the house?

It is quite a complicated process, but additional living space can significantly improve the quality of life. If you are not very familiar with renovations, it is sometimes worth ordering a preliminary expert opinion in order to evaluate the potential expansion.