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Back to school: A desk for the first grader

Kindergarten is the first real period that a child begins to spend a lot of time at the desk. Of course, at this age, this time should be limited, but it is impossible to draw, paint or learn to write comfortably without a suitable place for such work. On the other hand, the first class is already the moment when a desk will be indispensable due to homework. The right desk will help with learning and can also be a source of pride for any first grader.

It is not worth going to the last minute when shopping for furniture. It will take a moment to think and choose the best option.

What should a first-grade desk look like?

Due to the fact that children grow quickly, we can think of a height-adjustable desk. It can work for several years, and not be a piece of furniture for just one season. If the set is supplemented with a suitable adjustable chair, it will be a very good set from the practical and financial point of view. Of course, the possibilities of adjustment should be quite flexible – if the degree of adjustment is more than 5-10 centimeters, we may have difficulty adjusting the right height.

Modern desks often also have the option of tilting the desk top. Thanks to this, we can change the position of the table top and adapt them to the currently performed activity. Writing, reading or drawing, and in recent years also working on a laptop.

Another important addition will be drawers and cabinets. The child should have a place to store his works, cards, school supplies, books and textbooks.

Finally, let’s not forget that in addition to practical arguments, we must make sure that our child likes the desk. Only then will he be happy to spend time with him and actually do his best.

What is the correct height of a child’s desk?

The height of the child:Table top heightSeat height
108-121 cm53 cm31 cm
119-142 cm59 cm35 cm
133-159 cm64 cm38 cm
146-176,5 cm71 cm43 cm
159 – 188 cm76 cm46 cm